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Gustakh Dil Serial Life Ok Title Song MP3 Download

Gustakh Dil Serial Life Ok Title Song MP3 Download

Gustakh Dil Serial Life Ok  - Title Song( MP3 Download) - Gustakh Dil is a new daily soap that will be aired on Life OK Channel. Gustakh Dil Serial Life Ok  is the story about two families, one from the village and the other one which has moved from village to cities and grown rich by the passing time. Indraneel Bhattacharya and Meghna Malik are playing lead roles in the Gustkh Dil serial aired on Life OK.

Gustakh Dil


Download Song Of Gustakh Dil 


Gustakh Dil is an Indian television soap opera, which premiered on 5 August 2013. It airs on Life OK Monday through Friday. It shows a love triangle between three people, Laajo, Nikhil and Ishana. It replaced the long running show Amrit Manthan. The story revolves around Laajo a simpleton from a village and Nikhil a cool guy who is madly in love with his childhood sweetheart Ishana. Laajo becomes a second woman in Nikhil’s life.


Nikhil plans to celebrate his birthday in Sohanbarsa where Nikhil’s Grandfather lives. He plans to go with Ishana but than she refuses, eventually Nikhil’s friends go with him to sohanbarsa. There he meets a challenging but simple Laajo who lives with her mother and sisters. Nikhil is about to dash Laajo’s Cow but stops. Laajo angrily says that now her cow won’t be giving milk for days and asks him to give the money. But the next morning Nikhil finds out Lajo was lying to him and asks his money back. Than the friends go out to for fun and one of Nikhil’s friends sees a lake and dives into it. His body starts itching and the naughty Laajo sees this. Nikhil notices Laajo and is angry with her. Laajo than challenges Nikhil to fly a kite with her, when Laajo is about to win her mother interrupts and Nikhil wins. Nikhil’s friends think that Laajo is to young for marriage. A man comes to see Laajo for marriage. He accepts but Laajo’s mother is worried about the dowry to be given, but somehow manages to bring a bike which Laajo messes up. Her mother gets angry and scolds her. Laajo continues her naughtiness with Nikhil and his friends.


played by characters Role
Sana Sheikh Laajo Female Lead
Vibhav Roy Nikhil Male Lead
Parvati Sehgal Ishana Parallel Female Lead
Meghna Malik Barkha Nikhil’s Mother
Garima Shrivastav Saraswati Laajo’s Mother
Sushil Bounthiyal Ram Bachan Laajo’s Father
Khushwant Walia Akshay Parallel Male lead

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