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ChanChan Serial | 25th march 2013 | Ep:1


Chanchan Serial Episode starts with Kasturi ben with her granddaughter, Chanchan, coming to Sudha ben. Sudha ben is a matchmaker and is busy on the phone. Kasturi ben asks Sudha ben, do you want me pass away without seeing my granddaughter’s wedding? Sudha ben says, you won’t find groom by bringing your daughter here every dayin bride’s dress. It’s about a guy, not pizza that you order and it will be ready in 30 mins. Sudha ben laughs. Kasturi ben gets annoyed and says, if you can’t find a guy for her, then close your marriage bureau. Sudha ben says, have some patience.. God makes pairs. Kasturi ben says, so do you want me to wait for you to go the God and then sending who is match for Chanchan? Sudha ben says, don’t get angry.. everything has a time. and your Chanchan’s age of marrying is gone. However, I have a guy in mind. If you are ready to do couple of adjustments, then I can talk. Kasturi gets excited and says, you can talk. Sudha ben says wait, I will call him.

Sudha ben calls out, “YouYou”. Kasturi ben asks, YouYou? Sudha ben says, YouYou just like Chanchan.
Youyou comes out with a dog’s mask on his face. Kasturi ben gets scared and asks what is this? Sudha ben says, you said that your granddaughter love dogs. You do adjustments with his face and he will do adjustments with Chanchan’s age.

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